Construction Process

Construction Process

At Eastrock Landscape, everything we do is tailored for getting exceptional results. This starts with providing our clients with a comprehensive process. Construction can be complex, with many moving parts and our job is to keep projects running smoothly and all parties communicating and working together efficiently. We oversee every element of the process—planning, scheduling, coordinating and controlling all functional areas from pre-construction through completion.

Each project has it's own individual style, but most evolve using the following sequence. 

Pre-Construction  Client Walk Through
We review your project and discuss demolition, material staging, parking, general concerns and scheduling.  Any tree, shrub or structure that will not be removed is marked with caution tape.  Utility boxes, utility conduits, drain in-lets, etc. are located and noted for future marking with paint or stakes.  We take the time to answer your questions and discuss any open items or project details. 

  • Home owner discusses any concerns regarding (pets, children, neighbors, underground utilities, etc.)
  • Typical work day is 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Holidays Observed: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day,
  Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve., Christmas
  • Safety:  children should be informed about tool, material and job site hazards
  • We usually need access to hose water and an electrical outlet
  • Power tools sometimes trip circuit breakers, GFCI's and alarm systems
- are refrigerators or computers on exterior circuit
- does contractor have access to reset electrical sub-panel
  • Exchange of cell phone numbers (if not already completed)
  • Home owner places Eastrock Landscape on guard gate list
  • Review: staging of home owner items (patio furniture, BBQ, children's toys, etc.)
  • Review staging of materials, tools, work trucks, trailers and portable toilet
  • Review: crew will clean and organize site daily
  • Eastrock Landscape contacts U S A North before starting some types of excavation
  • Review any open items: Materials, Colors, Patterns, Textures, Element Designs, Special Orders
  • Scheduling - Project Kick-Off

Home Owner To Have Site Ready For  Work
Having the site ready means we will have access to the project Monday through Friday during our normal working hours (7 am to 3:30 pm) and there will be no obstacles that interfere, prevent or delay our progress or the sequence of our work.  In most cases this is not applicable but an example would be if we are contracted to demo and remove a concrete patio but the owner has a hot tub sitting on the patio that was to be removed prior to us starting our work. 

Demolition and Jobsite Preparation
During this process we remove unwanted hardscape, plants, weeds, large rocks and structures.  Each item will be listed in the proposal.  This process is sometimes loud and dusty.  We advise closing windows to lessen noise and dust from your home.  Vehicles should be kept in the garage when possible.  Consideration is made to project organization and safety.  Waste materials are loaded into dump trailers or staged in neat piles.  We will construct a temporary dog fence if needed.

Rough Project Layout
Our objective during this phase is to identify hardscape locations, sizes and elevations.   This allows us to excavate and grade the grounds to the required specifications.  We layout the project using stakes and paint.  This is not usually a precise layout to the exact inch but is more of a general layout to within a few inches.  In some cases, projects are ready for a detailed layout at this time.

A Laser level is used to set elevations.  If you are constructing a pool, in-ground spa, pond or retaining wall,  the excavation will be completed at this time.  Other hardscape items may require removal or adding fill soil to reach the desired heights. Hardscape structures such as pool decks,  patios, driveways and walkways are usually four inches thick plus they require a base rock.  In most cases we excavate several inches of the existing soil to allow for the thickness of your new hardscape and sub-base material.  Footings for seat walls, BBQ's, fireplaces and arbors will be much deeper.   The excess soil is hauled away.

Rough Grading
After elevations are determined the grounds receive a rough grading to smooth out the contour of your yard.  This is accomplished with both machinery and hand tools.  Large unwanted rocks are removed during this process.

Detailed Project Layout
Exact locations and sizes of elements being installed will be marked out using stakes, string lines, flags and marking paint.  We review all aspects of your project to assure each item has been thoroughly considered.  The layout markings are used to install forms for footings and concrete, utilities, drainage and irrigation.  Outdoor Kitchens may require gas, electric, water, sewer, cable and drainage.  All of these utilities must be properly planned out and accounted for.

Retaining Walls
In some cases retaining walls are constructed  at this point to provide support and a means to complete the rough grade of the grounds. 

Utilities, Drainage and Irrigation
We trench and install some of your utilities, drainage and irrigation prior to the hardscape going in.  In some cases only sleeves will be installed to provide for future installation.  The sequence is determined by efficiency, logic and priority.  If a gas line, main water line, electrical line or sewer line is required, it will receive a high priority because of the depth of the trench (usually 18" or more) and the required inspections.

Large Element Installation (example: large boulders)
These items are identified by their size, weight and location (boulders, very large trees, etc.).  We consider how future construction affects are ability to safely install these items.  If  heavy equipment is needed, the access path must accommodate the width and weight of both the element and the equipment.   The installation of fences, walls, hardscape or plants impact our decisions.  In some cases we temporarily position large elements for future installation.

Hardscape (Concrete and Masonry)
Your hardscape consists of items such as patios, driveways, walkways, pools, BBQ's, fireplaces, seat walls and retaining walls.  Elevations are critical and will be double checked.  Each item will be formed with precision using lumber and stakes.  A compacted base rock sub-structure and reinforcing steel are installed based on project specifications.  Expansion felt is used where applicable.  Homes, landscaping or other adjacent hardscape areas are protected with plastic from concrete splatter. Prior to pouring concrete, score line layout is determined.  As always, we will make considerations for drainage and utility specifications.

Hardscape (Wood and Metal Projects)
Now that the footings are completed we start building decks, arbors, fences and trellises. Wood is carefully selected and handcrafted into beautiful structures.  We use quality paints and sealing products to protect and enhance your project.

Site Cleaning and Soil Preparation
The grounds will receive additional cleaning of weeds, unwanted grasses, rocks and debris.  Soil preparation is vital for your plant's health.  We extensively condition your existing soil with the proper blend of soil conditioners to enhance and improve its organic values.  We roto-till a 2" covering of soil conditioners to a depth of 6" to 8".  Care is taken around any existing tree roots.  Under certain conditions  the soil conditioner will be manually mixed to protect existing plants and structures or when safety is a concern.

Proper planting technique helps to ensure healthy and happy plants.  We start by thoroughly inspecting each plant for health.  We then carefully remove each plant from its container and loosen the root ball.  The holes for each plant are prepared based on the type and size of plant.  We then install each plant using soil conditioner, fertilizer and some TLC.  Fifteen gallon and larger trees are staked if applicable.

Drip Irrigation Completion
We promote the use of water conservation and recommend drip irrigation when possible.  The main lines are usually installed during the trenching phase but the final installation of  the 1/4" tubing and drip emitters is completed after the plant installation.  All irrigation is set up based on plant watering needs and sun exposure.

Light Fixtures
The main wire runs are usually installed during the trenching process.  After the plants are installed we connect and position the light fixtures which are located in the planting beds.  Care is take to properly adjust lights to maximize their potential and create beautiful accents.  Lights that are located in hardscape areas will be installed at this time unless conditions required prior installation.

Now its time to install a pre-emergent to decrease weed growth.  All planting beds receive a proper application.

Bark or Decorative Rock Ground Cover
Next it is time to install bark or decorative rock.  Most home owners use a bark mulch because of the cost, appearance and effectives regarding water retention and weed control.

The final installation step is usually the sod.  Our sod installation includes removal of unwanted weeds through the application of a post emergent (Round-up Pro).  After the weeds have been eradicated, they are removed and discarded.  We then install a soil conditioner at a rate of 6 yards per thousand square feet.  The soil is roto-tilled and mixed thoroughly with the existing soil.  Next, we grade the grounds and remove rocks.  We then apply a finish grade to complete our preparation.  This is followed by the sod installation, alternating the ends to create a secure pattern.  The sod is placed closely together on all sides to prevent gaps.  Now its time to roll the sod with a "sod roller, creating a strong bond between the sod and the new soil.  Finally, we apply a fertilizer to promote a healthy vibrant lawn.

We recommend using Elite Plus Dwarf Fescue Sod.  A unique combination of fescue and bluegrass which creates a self-repairing lawn.  This turf will fill in over a period of time if damage occurs.  It is dark green, has a medium leaf blade and is deeply rooted.  It is also shade and drought tolerant, disease resistant and is slower growing than most fescue.  Ideal for pet wear and tear, children's play areas, sports turf action and is a visual beauty. 

Final Punch List
As your project approaches completion you will be asked to provide a “Punch List” of remaining items to be completed.  The punch list must be presented by the owner to Eastrock Landscape in writing no later than 3 full business days prior to the final day of scheduled work on your project.

Clean-up and Detail of your New Landscape
Hardscape areas such as walkways, patios, driveways and streets are washed and cleaned.   Any masonry or concrete needing acid washing is completed.  Softscape areas are detailed removing debris, left over materials, tools and equipment.  Woodwork and metal products are reviewed and touch-up paint applied if necessary.  Irrigation, lighting, drainage, water features, electrical, gas products and electronics are inspected and tested. 

Final Walk Through
After the project is completed we do a detailed walk through with our clients.  Instruction is given on operating the irrigation controller, lighting transformer(s) and gas or electric products.  You will receive a copy of our maintenance suggestions and any pertinent information regarding your project.  We answer your questions and put you at ease with a reminder of our outstanding warranties.

Final Payment
We appreciate prompt payment of the contract.

Start Enjoying Your New Landscape
Eastrock Landscape delivers outstanding landscapes with a Rock Solid Reputation for customer service.  Now is the time to sit back and enjoy your new landscape improvements.  You can relax  knowing your project was built with experienced craftsmen and quality products from your local professionals at Eastrock Landscape.

60 Day T.L.C. Program (Total Landscape Care Program)
After 60 days from the completion of your project simply call to schedule an appoint for one of our representatives to visit your project and compete a detailed inspection.  Click on the following link   ( T.L.C. Program) to review more information about the program.

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