Construction Planning Process

Construction Planning Process

At Eastrock Landscape, everything we do is tailored for getting exceptional results. This starts with providing our clients with a comprehensive process. Construction can be complex, with many moving parts and our job is to keep projects running smoothly and all parties communicating and working together efficiently. We oversee every element of the process—planning, scheduling, coordinating and controlling all functional areas from pre-construction through completion.

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On-site Meeting

We meet with our clients to review ideas, budgets and objectives. During this phase we listen to our clients, answer questions and discuss options. 
Management Service Proposal Development

After reviewing the parameters of the project goals we prepare a Project Management Proposal.  This may include the consultation of other professionals and experts.  We clarify our objectives, answer questions and upon approval we get started. 
Design and Plan Development

We then prepare a design or plan to help guide us through the project.  This provides both the home owner and contractor the vision, specifications and details to get "apples to apples" estimates and reduce misunderstandings.

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Site Analysis

A site analysis is completed collecting information relevant to the development of the project.   This includes inspecting, testing, measuring and evaluating site conditions. This process may include consultation with other professionals.
Contractor Meetings

This phase includes meeting with contractors and reviewing project objectives.  This can be a time consuming process attending meetings, discussing designs, specifications and expectations.
Estimate  Collection, Comparison and Analysis

Contractor estimates are reviewed for completeness and broken down so that pricing can be compared.  If content is missing we request the contractor to clarify the scope of work and update the estimate if necessary.  Scheduling and payment schedules and reviewed. Background checks are completed on licensing, insurance and experience.
Estimate Review with Home Owner

We provide contractor comparisons and discuss pricing, experience and scheduling. During this meeting we may select the contractor(s) who best meet our criteria and timing.
Contractor Selection

After the preparation, research and planning are complete we make commitments to the contractors who will be involved in the project.  We confirm start and end dates, staging of equipment, jobsite safety and other important expectations.