The grounds of your landscape will be graded away from your home's foundation and into drain inlets.  This includes both lawn and planting areas.  Proper grading funnels rain water into the drains helping to prevent excessive puddling.   During the final grade large rocks are removed and the grounds are raked smooth.


Our irrigation systems are designed to maximize water efficiency and are constructed form quality materials.  We start by doing a water pressure test to determine the flow rate.  Next, the landscape is evaluated for sun exposure, grade issues and planting objectives.  Upon considering each aspect we complete a design customized for your specific project with double overlap.  Finally, we build your irrigation system using the best products and installation techniques.  We use only the top grade schedule 40 PVC to build your system and we glue it together with weld-on glue.  Raindial controllers, Rainbird valves with schedule 80 PVC, Toro heads, Toro nozzles and swing joints risers are standard.
Our drip systems include filters, pressure regulators, Agrifim emitters, .70 main drip lines and 1/4" feeder lines.  Emitters are staked in place as well as the main supply lines. The quantity of emitters is determined by the size and water needs for each plant.  All trenches will be flooded with water and compacted.
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We believe in doing the job right the first time.  By setting our standards high we produce stunning landscapes that last and look great year after year.  This doesn't happen by chance.  Each element of our projects are well thought out and designed for beauty and function.  Our specifications are listed below outlining the quality materials and methods we use to construct your project.  Our clients are comfortable knowing we use proven techniques and materials to build their landscapes. 
Your most valuable asset is your home.  Protecting your home's foundation and your landscape is our priority.  New homes typically have a basic system consisting of a main drain line that flows to the street storm drain.  A few drain in-lets and the down spouts are connected to this system.  Changes to your landscape will create the necessity for additional drain in-lets.  We take the time to evaluate your properties' needs and make the best design recommendations.  Our drainage systems are made with the best materials.  Based  on site conditions we use 3" or 4" solid NDS (2,500 lb. crush rating) drain pipe.  We tie into the existing system or install a new drain line.  All trenches will be flooded with water and compacted.  The gravity designed drainage system will be installed to remove water from the landscape areas and down spouts.  This water will exit into a destination point such as a storm drain.
Soil preparation is vital for your plant's health.  We extensively condition your existing soil with the proper blend of soil conditioners to enhance and improve its organic values.  We roto-till a 2" covering of soil conditioners to a depth of 6" to 8".  Care is taken around tree roots.  Under certain conditions  the soil conditioner will be manually mixed to protect existing plants and structures or when safety is a concern.

Proper planting technique helps to ensure healthier and happier plants.  We start by thoroughly inspecting each plant for health.  We then carefully remove each plant from its container and loosen the root ball.  The holes for each plant are prepared based on the type and size of plant.  We then install each plant using soil conditioner, fertilizer and some TLC.  Fifteen gallon and larger trees are staked if applicable.


Our sod installation includes removal of unwanted weeds through the application of a post emergent (Round-up Pro).  After the weeds have been eradicated, they are removed and discarded.  We then install a soil conditioner at a rate of 6 yards per thousand square feet.  The soil is roto-tilled and mixed thoroughly with the existing soil.  Next, we grade the grounds and remove rocks.  We then apply a finish grade to complete our preparation.  This is followed by the sod installation, alternating the ends to create a secure pattern.  The sod is placed closely together on all sides to prevent gaps.  Now its time to roll the sod with a "sod roller, creating a strong bond between the sod and the new soil.  Finally, we apply a fertilizer to promote a healthy vibrant lawn.

We recommend using Elite Plus Dwarf Fescue Sod.  A unique combination of fescue and bluegrass which creates a self-repairing lawn.  This turf will fill in over a period of time if damage occurs.  It is dark green, has a medium leaf blade and is deeply rooted.  It is also shade and drought tolerant, disease resistant and is slower growing than most fescue.  Ideal for pet wear and tear, children's play areas, sports turf action and is a visual beauty.  Can also be used for commercial project

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting or as us professionals call it, "Lumination", is one of the best values for you dollar and one of the most rewarding.  You get to enjoy your beautiful landscape at night as well as during the day.  Professional landscape lighting is like a piece of art comprising both function and appearance.  Our systems are built with the best materials including a durable transformer, appropriately gagged wire cable, greased wire connectors, quality fixtures and a proven electrical wiring design.  We secure the wire into the ground with galvanized staples to prevent unwanted movement.  We hardwire each fixture with greased fittings to increase their durability from the elements.  The system is designed with proper balance and accenting.  Mixing art and function sets us apart from our competitors.  We design and install a quality lighting system that you can count on to work night after night while elegantly enhancing your surroundings with a distinguished appearance.


All concrete will have compacted base rock (depth depends on application) and #3 reinforcing steel placed every 18" o.c. each way.  Two inch dobies will be installed to lift the rebar into the center of the concrete where it 's strength is maximized.  Our concrete is prepared with a mix of either 5, 5-1/2 or 6 sack with either 3/4", 50 / 50 or pea gravel at a 4" slump unless project conditions require adjustments.  Expansion felt is used where applicable and score lines are installed for both aesthetics and function.   Homes, landscaping or other adjacent hardscape areas are protected with plastic from concrete splatter. We provide highly skilled concrete finishers to ensure the best quality finish and happy customers.  Drainage considerations will be made pertaining to proper sloping.



Paver installation begins with the design process.  We take the time to explain all options available so that our clients are educated and informed to make the best possible decision.  During the design process we will discuss paver types, patterns, colors, borders and elevations.  The pavers will be installed over a compacted base rock, weed block and leveled bed of course sand.  A fine sand will be broom between the pavers to lock them together.    We pay attention to detail during the installation to assure the completed project is beautiful as well as structurally sound.  Drainage considerations are reviewed before and during the project.  Sealing options are available to further enhance the appearance of your new paver project.


Selecting materials, colors and patterns to create your hardscape and complement your home is one of the most important aspects of your project.    The difference between a good project and an outstanding project relies heavily on the proper blending of materials and colors.  After your selections are made we install a concrete sub-structure that will be the foundation of your hardscape.   This structure will have a compacted base rock, #3 reinforcing rebar and will be 4 inches thick.  The concrete sub-structure must be installed at the proper height so that all elevations flow smoothly.  The material will be carefully installed over the sub-structure using the proper setting adhesive.  We clean the surface material as we go and finally grout the gaps with your choice of color.  A sealer can be applied to the surface to protect and enhance the colors.


Choose from a large selection of beautiful natural flagstone to enhance your landscape.  The flagstone is cut and carefully fitted together over your choice of base rock, sand or top soil.  Gap selections are based on the overall design goals.  We then fill the gaps with your choice of ground cover, sod, top soil, sand, decorative gravel or bark.  The final appearance will complement your landscape providing an elegant surface material.


Our Custom and semi-custom BBQ's could be considered man's best friend.  We start with the design process evaluating all aspects of a perfect BBQ.   First, we determine the shape and size of the island with consideration to the prevailing wind.  Would you prefer a bar counter top with some bar stools or a standard sitting height with chairs.  The cabinetry can be made from prefabricated units, block filled with concrete and reinforced with steel rebar or steel studs.  Weight restrictions may help determine our construction method. Next, we determine the  size of the BBQ and if you would like a side burner or warming tray.  We discuss a wide range of fascia and counter top materials.  Other options are reviewed such as: refrigerator, beer tap, storage doors, storage drawers, sink, paper towel holder and lighting.   Lets not forget foot rails, stereo, speakers, TV and heating lamps.  If getting some shade is important consider umbrellas inserted into the counter top or an arbor to protect your from the sun.  You might also consider upgrading the arbor to a solid roof so you can entertain and BBQ all year round.  Our BBQ's are unique and stylish.  What ever you choose, a basic model or that dream entertaining area, we will use our skills to deliver an exceptional product you will be proud of.


Enjoy the warmth and beauty of a custom or semi-custom fireplace or fire pit built to your specifications.  Let us design and build a breath taking fire place with a stylish hearth and mantel or a beautiful fire pit with a natural stone cap.  Enjoy the the convenience and efficiency of a natural gas or propane gas log set.  We start with either a prefabricated unit or block filled with concrete and reinforced with steel rebar.  Seatwalls, decorative stem walls, lighting and art work can be incorporated into the design to enhance and create that unique, one of a kind fireplace or fire pit  to be the center piece of your backyard.

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Our standard seat walls are 18 inches tall by either 12 inches or 18 inches wide.   The concrete footing is as wide as the wall and 8 inches deep.  The wall is constructed of block filled with concrete and re-enforced with #3 rebar.   After the main structure is completed we install the cap and a veneer materials.

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Treat yourself to the beauty and serenity of a custom water feature.  The sound of water cascading over rock and falling into a pool stimulates our senses.  It creates peace and tranquility transforming your environment into a private sanctuary.  Our objective is to blend art and function creating meaning and purpose to your surroundings.  We offer a wide selection of custom natural and formal fountains to meet your needs.  Let us design a feature that enhances your home's appearance  providing years of personal enjoyment for your family and friends.


We use a premium quality EPDM 45 mil liner that is carefully installed over an eight-ounce protective underlayment providing a durable and sound structure.  Then we sculpture your fountain using various sizes and colors of natural rocks and boulders.   Cascades are carefully placed using natural flagstone making your feature appealing and distinct.  Our pondless projects have an underground basin installed to capture and hold water.  Next, we install the pumps and filters (if applicable) based on the overall size and individual requirements.  Overflow drainage and automatic water fill valves can be installed to help reduce maintenance time.   Lights can be strategically placed to enhance your enjoyment during the evening.  Other options are available.


Our concrete water features begin with a concrete foundation.  We then install block and fill it with concrete and steel reinforcement.  Next, we veneer the block and install a decorative cap with your choice of materials.  During the construction process PVC is stalled into predetermined areas for water flow / features, electrical, lighting and drainage.    The water feature is then carefully sealed with an enhancing color for appearance and allowed to cure for durability.  Next, we install the pumps and filters based on the overall size and individual requirements.  Overflow drainage and automatic water fill valves can be installed to help reduce maintenance time.  Lights can be strategically placed to enhance your enjoyment during the evening.  Other options area available.

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Allow us to design a custom deck for you.  Our skilled craftsmen will create a sturdy beautiful structure that you will enjoy for years to come.  We use quality products that are durable and provide sound structural integrity.  Quality primers, paints or stains are available to improve and protect your project.  For those who are interested in a maintenance free approach we offer composite lumbers to complete your project.

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Sitting under the shade of a custom built arbor offers endless hours of relaxation and enjoyment.  A shade structure can provide beauty and enhance the appearance of your back yard.  Allow our company to design an arbor that blends in with your home's style while creating an inviting location to hang out.  Enhance your arbor with eye catching columns, recessed lighting or speakers.  We can construct arbors with solid covered roofs for protection against the rain or a decorative wood canopy.  All structures are built with quality materials and specifications ensuring years of durability and comfort.  Quality primers, paints or stains are available to improve and protect your project.

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Our standard redwood fence includes a 4" x 4" post (pressure treated is recommended) which is set into an approximately 100 lb.  concrete footing that is tapered to funnel water away from the post.  We then install 2" x 4" top and bottom rails with 10D galvanized nails.  Next, we install a 2" x 8" pressure treated kickboard followed by the 1" x 6" - 5' or 1" x 8" - 5' redwood fence boards (each board is secured into the 2" x 4" rail providing extra strength).  Finally, we attach a 1" x 1" trim on the top and bottom of the fence boards for additional strength  and protection.  Gates are designed with a 2" x 4" frame, 2" x 4"  "Z" frame or a metal frame.  All gate hardware is zinc plated or galvanized.

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