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We provide many types of professional services.  If you are looking for a quality Design / Build landscape firm, you have come to the right place.  We set our standards high and believe in doing the job right the first time.

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1- You already have a design: If you already have a design and you are looking to get a free estimate,  just give us a call and we will make arraignments to meet with you to discuss your project and pick up a copy of your design.  You can also email us a copy of the design or send a copy to our local printer for us to pick up.

2- You need a design: If you are looking for a design we can either set up an on-site meeting to discuss the scope of your project or in some cases we can obtain enough information via the phone to provide a design estimate.   We have several design options to fit your budget.   You can visit our Design Center for more information.

3- You need a free estimate: If you already have most of your ideas together for your project give us a call to discuss your objectives and ideas.  If a design is not required because of the simplicity of your project, we can  review your objectives, take measurements and provide a free estimate.   Exact pricing cannot always be estimated on more complex projects that require detailed designs or engineering.   In some cases  a rough estimate can be reached by using the costs listed on our Budget page or by using one of our Landscape Package

Projects involving complete landscapes or major renovations should have a professional design.  Professional designs offer good value to both the home owner and the contractor.  You can view more information regarding the importance of a design on our Design Value  page. 

4- You need expert consultation:  If you have problems or concerns with existing site conditions, cosmetic issues or structural failures we can inspect your project to determine the cause.   Written reports detailing our findings can be prepared upon request.   We also provide assistance if you need an expert  witness to support our findings.  Our consultation charge is $150.00 per hour with a two hour minimum.  Other fees for testing, travel, copies, etc. may apply.

5- You need project management / quality control services:  If you already selected your contractor or if you would like us to provide project over-site, project management, quality control inspections, permit procurement , contractor dispute resolution, etc. we can help.  We offer project management services for small or large projects.  We interview subcontractors, perform background checks, review pricing, offer design enhancements, engineering services, pull permits, handle scheduling, monitor quality control or help with an existing contractor dispute.  Our team of experts can analyze problems, offer solutions and keep your project moving in the right direction.