Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor lighting is one of the most dramatic improvements you can make to your landscape!  Professionally installed and maintained outdoor lighting systems increase the safety and beauty of your home.

Outdoor Lighting provides many benefits:

  • Create a beautiful ambience for entertaining
  • Enhance your home's curb appeal
  • Add security without harsh spot lights
  • Highlight Architecture
  • Showcase your Home
  • Enjoy the Outdoors Longer
  • Add Value to your home
Under-counter - Surface Mount Light - provides accent on rock
Mounted Spot Light - splashes light on rock columns and ferns
Well Light - lights up the canopy of the tree
Mounted Spot Light - accents the canopy of the arbor
Pathway Light - highlights plants
Lighting Design

A professionally installed outdoor lighting system is like a beautiful painting.  Your landscape comes alive in the evening and provides an endless amount of enjoyment.   Outdoor lighting systems are a smart investment as they increase the value of your home while allowing entertainment and relaxation into the night.

Benefits of Purchasing Light Fixtures Through Eastrock Landscape

There are many benefits for purchasing a low voltage lighting package through Eastrock Landscape.  We include an 18 point support service adding value to your purchase.   Click on the following link to see a list of benefits included with your purchase.

Light Fixture Program Benefits

LED vs Standard Incandescent Bulbs

The main differences between LED and Standard Incandescent Bulbs is:

1- Savings in Energy Consumption
2- Reduction in Bulb Replacment

LED vs Standard Incandescent Bulb Comparison
Low Voltage Lighting Effects - the results of the ambient light provides a subtle yet elegant appearance.

"Excellence In Craftsmanship"